Struggling to draft a hardship letter? CrisisCraft is here to help. Powered by the ChatGPT4 model, my app simplifies the process, generating personalized letters quickly.

One of the key features of CrisisCraft is its real-time letter generation capability. With the help of advanced algorithms from AI echnology, you can create personalized letters in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re applying for a loan modification or seeking assistance during a financial hardship due to medical reasons CrisisCraft empowers you to convey your message effectively and efficiently.

2000 Free Tokens!

But that’s not all – CrisisCraft goes a step further by offering users 2000 free tokens upon login. These tokens can be used to generate around four letters, allowing users to experience the full potential of the app without any upfront cost. This offer not only provides users with immediate value but also encourages them to explore the app’s features and benefits.

Additionally, CrisisCraft offers seamless integration with social media accounts for easy login and access. This ensures a hassle-free user experience while also safeguarding user privacy and security.



If your hardship is related to medical expenses, bills, or healthcare costs.



If your financial difficulties are connected to your home mortgage or rent.


Credit Card

If your hardship revolves around credit card debt and related financial struggles.